The Book

27 Days of Heartbreak book

Because falling out of love happens when you stop making efforts...

27 Days of Heartbreak is a consecutive story of one going through a heartbreak in twenty seven days. We're pretty sure each of us has gone through the phase (if you haven’t, we want to hear your story, lucky you!). We were so lost and adrift, most of us couldn't remember how we struggled through the days as the part of us we held dear and kept close to our hearts was no longer there. We couldn't function properly and pretty much just lived through it holding on to something we couldn’t even grasped, but (unfortunately not all) some of us eventually came back. We never knew how or when, but we did.

Some of you might have read it when it was posted online a few years back, and now the story had gotten a massive upgrade that it desperately needed intense illustration to friend the story!